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In May 1999, Kelly Hallisey and Brian Williams, two former Community Leaders, filed a class action lawsuit against AOL, claiming that AOL volunteers performed work equivalent to employees and thus should be compensated according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The plaintiffs argued that the Community Leader position required a significant amount of effort and detail to qualify the position as having an "employee relationship" with AOL.

The plaintiffs specifically demonstrated how Community Leaders had to undergo a thorough, 3-month training program and were required to file timecards for shifts, work at least four hours per week, and submit detailed reports outlining their work activity during each shift.

When AOL first started the program it charged for access to its services by the hour, thus Community Leaders, i.e.

How the scene developed in the beginnings, and where it has evolved to today.

I also would like to thank Mat Stars, Reflux, and Da Chronic himself for their input and insight. Well, as of writing this, I am 22 years old (it’s 2003 as of this writing).

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Additionally, in many AOL forums, Community Leader supervisors became more lax about paperwork and shift hours.

In February 2008, the court in which the lawsuit was filed denied AOL's Motion to Dismiss and certified the case for class-action status.

The court has ordered AOL to provide the names and contact information for all former Community Leaders to notify them and give them the opportunity to join the class-action lawsuit.

While many Community Leaders left the service after this announcement, others stayed with AOL and continued their efforts at building community, albeit in an unofficial role.

Link Before I begin, let me state the following: This is my personal perspective of the history of Warez and the scene in general on America Online (AOL).

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