Best dating reality tv shows

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The most apt description and most ringing endorsement possible for this animated spy spoof comes from creator Adam Reed, who once described it as “James Bond meets Arrested Development.” Now that you have what’s “obviously the core concept” (to use some signature “phrasing” from the show), time to deep-dive into this delightfully raunchy, pop-culture-riddled gem. ”Arrested Development stands as one of the most complete sitcoms of all time, an all-you-can-laugh smorgasbord of spoof, satire, farce, slapstick, and wordplay that necessitates repeat viewings to catch every last joke filling every single shot. One of Hulu’s continued forays into original programming, this dark comedy follows jaded shrink and mom Valerie (Michaela Watkins) as she navigates the aftermath of a bad divorce.

Her subsequently messy foray back into the dating scene — with the help of her brother, the wonderfully cynical Tommy Dewey — are cringe-worthy in a frustratingly relatable way.

Samantha What: A sitcom starring Christina Applegate as a 30-year-old real-estate exec whose life as a bitchy-cosmopolitan type is upheaved when a hit-and-run leaves her with amnesia.

Samantha When: The show ran for two seasons, from 2007 to 2009; for various reasons, ratings plummeted after a strong premiere.

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You don’t have to care about sports to love The League; you just have to be cool with raunchiness so raunchy it should be coined ultraraunch.

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It took the blue-streak-cussing Chris Rock to deliver us the rare worthy Wonder Years successor, a sitcom so intelligent yet so cute, with a teen-boy protagonist (Tyler James Williams) who’s equal parts knowing and naïve, an imposing yet tenderhearted father figure (Terry Crews), and a narrator (Rock himself) who looks back on his own childhood with cheeky compassion. Heck, even Eddie the dog is a sitcom legend in his own right. Not so much a situation comedy as a living, breathing, rumbling, gurgling organism that feeds off life’s hard, funny truths, grafted from the organs of Louis C.

The greatest sitcom spinoff of all time, which happened to win more Emmys than its predecessor (see: Cheers) and co-holds the record (for now, with Modern Family) for the most consecutive Outstanding Comedy Series Emmys at five. When the cult-favorite “putting the fun in dysfunctional” comedy was cancelled after three seasons on ABC, it sent fans into a crazed frenzy, even prompting us at Vulture to strongly bemoan the decision. It’s Always Sunny is often called “Seinfeld on crack,” and like that seminal sitcom, Sunny offers its fans a fount of one-liners and in-jokes that now stand as its own vernacular. K.’s stand-up material and his discomfiting offstage persona.

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