Bristol palin dating kyle Chat bg sex

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BIO purchased 10 half-hour episodes, set to air in Fall 2011.

While Bristol will be living in the City of Angels, she’ll be hoping to get some cash back on her purchase in January.

The 5-bedroom, 2.5-bath home features an updated kitchen with tile backsplash, new maple cabinetry, and a newly landscaped backyard, and is located less than an hour’s drive from Sarah Palin’s new digs in Scottsdale.

) agent of abstinence announced she had penned her first book, .

And shorty after their first time, the two were intimate again.

Bristol also states she was shocked to discover she was pregnant back in 2008 because she was on birth control pills prescribed to treat her cramps.

During the interview, Bristol is asked what she believes will be her son Tripp’s reaction when he’s old enough to read her book.

While throughout her memoir, she refers to her baby daddy Levi as a gnat, Bristol elaborates, “I don’t know if Levi will be a big role model in his life at all, so I’m not that worried about it.” She goes on to say that, while Levi does see Tripp, the time “certainly isn’t as much as he’s entitled to.”Regardless of your opinions on Bristol and/or her famous mother, I can guarantee you one thing: this certainly isn’t the last you’ve seen of Bristol’s summer media tour. TELL US – THOUGHTS ON BRISTOL’S INTERVIEW & THE STATEMENT THAT HER VIRGINITY WAS STOLEN?

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