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Your site only makes the members feel even less confident and rejected than before they joined. Asked for a refund the same day I got it and they still won't give me my money back. Very expensive, poor website compared to others and just not a good experience. They claim the number of profiles they can provide is depending on circumstance and not their responsibility.

It is a confusing web site and not easy to work with. My daughter signed me on for 6 months, but she should have donated the money to charity, as I have had success on a cheaper site. But you have a responsibility to pay the rest of membership fee. I am so so disappointed by e-harmony and angry with their 'service'. If you are thinking to join online dating service, join any but not e-harmony!!! Other online dating services provide much more profiles you will be interested in.

The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.I made a complaint and they were so desperate to keep me the slashed my membership by 0! I feel like that 'forever alone' sketch lol.I'm an attractive girl that doesn't find it hard to get dates... My experience with e Harmony has been that the only thing they are committed to is ensuring your 'automatic renewal' of subscription fees is turned on.They will not cancel your subscription Im still laughing, this was the quickest sign up and depart ever.As soon as I got through their maze of rhetorical blah blah questions, I could not go further until I signed up for a subscription. So I bailed the internet and started , I logged in again finding out that my profile had no navigation. Their subscriptions are far too expensive compared to the other dating sites I have been on.

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