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I still feel she needs a turn of the tables to understand the intensity of punishment doled out on occasion, but that hasn't happened quite yet.

The Menu as we call it has since become published as a primer for beginner Mistresses through menu choice selection.

This year life had been more challenging than most as my job causes me to be gone for hours or days at a time servicing the customers at their location on demand.

It's not unusual to have a call in the night and be gone for several days.

Like us, Jill and John had been involved with BDSM for quite some time with her as dominant Mistress and him as slave most of the time.

When the opportunity presented itself to be the dominant over our group she did so without hesitation, which has worked out more or less ok.

This only confirmed their women's belief that I was not the kind, loving husband they thought I should be, and should be shown the error of my ways.

I though it a great idea and began working with her to make calls and setup a date on the calendar for next available weekend.As the evening wore on our neighbor Jill from across the street also stopped by, giving Paula a birthday gift and card.She proceeded to hear about my lack of feeling and manners during the course of the day.The plus side is when not on call I normally have the extended weekend to make up for the missed time.With a second person now hired the job will eventually get back to a more normal pace and less time away from home.

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