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Those on Medicare and Medicaid are already on a government-run plan and are experiencing the effects of decisions made by unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC.We need to remember that Medicare passed into law in 1965 and is nominally a "voluntary" program.Many seniors are comfortable with Medicare the way it has been up to the present time.What needs to be recognized is that changes are coming no matter what political party or agenda controls those changes, with or without the new health care reform law.Some hospitals will close their doors, reducing the total number of hospital beds available to those in the community.On average, physicians train until they're close to 30 years old, graduate with 0,000 to 0,000 in debt for their education, and are subject to being sued on any given day.The new health care reform law creates several methods that are likely to result in rationed care.

They question the wisdom of abandoning the traditional values that formed the foundation for American life.

616-866-9127 This book is available in a through our book distributor, The Book Patch. This book explains how we got where we are today and provides statements by many of our nation's leaders in health care, government and patient advocacy, that taken altogether form the pieces of the puzzle that reveal what has been hidden from the American public for decades: stealth euthanasia is being practiced throughout the United States and elsewhere.

This book is also available in the following E-book versions: PDF version through Regnow/Digital River NOOK E-book file through Barnes & Noble KINDLE E-book file through Dedication Introduction I - Trends in American Society This Thing Called Hospice Three Hospice Giants The Hospice Interdisciplinary Team Approach to End-of-Life Care Volunteer, Nonprofit and For-profit Hospice Corporations "Palliative Care" & Its Approach to End-of-Life Care Transitions in Business II - Hospice Today The Business of Hospice Why Hospice is a "Protected" Industry Good and Bad Hospices Hospice Reimbursement: Is it a problem? I have many friends within the hospice industry who confirm what I recount here in this book, so I urge you to read through to the very end, as you have never heard all that I am about to share with you. Some of it will trouble you, but all of it will affect what happens to you, your family and our society in the days to come.

However, to assure participation by all seniors, then President Lyndon Johnson pressured all private health insurers to cancel all policies available to seniors.

If seniors want to completely opt-out of Medicare, they have to give up their Social Security benefits and then pay privately for all services they receive. Since there is no private health insurance available for seniors in the United States, we cannot say that participation in Medicare is truly voluntary.

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