How accurate are sonograms for dating pregnancy H adult dating site

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I would like to know the accuracy of ultrasounds in the first trimester. On Feb 2 I went off birth control for good & had withdrawal bleed on Feb 5-8.

He used a condom, I believe I was on birth control (but cant remember for sure), and took Plan B 55 hours later.

Jan 18 was a huge mistake & something I have worried about all pregnancy. Other than for peace of mind, would you agree that DNA is not necessary to determine paternity? Admin Message: Your consultation is already complete.I had sex with another partner unprotected for the month of Feb - currently.I had an ABDOMINAL ultrasound on 4/1 that dated me 7wks, 0d with an EDD of 11/18.Also, you had a condom as protection, took Plan B, and then were on probable birth control too - so chances of conception are nil.If the embryo had lived through the withdrawal bleeding, and then measured small in the first abdominal scan, subsequent scans at 11 weeks, 14 weeks etc would have definitely picked up the discrepancy.

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