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The Church of Ireland, as a Reformed and Protestant Church, doth hereby re-affirm its constant witness against all those innovations in doctrine and worship whereby the Primitive faith hath been from time to time defaced or overlaid, and which at the Reformation this Church did disown and reject. The church then became the established church of Ireland, assuming possession of most church property (and so retaining a great repository of religious architecture and other items, though some were later destroyed).The church explains its possession of so many of the ancient church buildings of Ireland by reference to the precedent set by Emperor Constantine the Great in the 4th century: Since the days of the Emperor Constantine in the 4th century European states saw themselves as having a central role in the government of the Church.

The Church of Ireland undertook the first publication of Scripture in the Irish language.In this way, they were able to nominally "conform to the established church whilst at the same time continuing to worship..the traditional, pre-Reformation manner".Following the accession of King James I of England, this policy was abandoned.All but two of the Irish bishops appointed by Queen Mary (1553–1558) accepted the Elizabethan Settlement,, the Archbishop of Dublin, Hugh Curwen, being one of them (he was chief consecrator of Adam Loftus as Archbishop of Armagh who would 4 years later bring charges of moral delinquency against Curwen).The vast majority of priests and the church membership remained Catholic.

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