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You taught me how to live thoughtfully and prayerfully. And that love is as strong today as it was 10 years ago. Even today, I can feel the searing, burning ache deep inside me. It hurt so bad to lose you because your love was everything I needed. It still gives me peace and calm in the midst of uncertainty. I saw you trying to hold back tears while you told me stories about your relationship with her, the grandma I had never known. Those first few days in Catalina were the beginning of the end. You felt well initially but towards the end of the week you were too nauseous and too weak to do anything except sleep. You took me to the cliff where you had scattered some of your mom’s ashes. As soon as you picked up the phone and heard my voice, I could hear you catch your breath. I came home for one of your first chemotherapy treatments. I sat with you in your big recliner and watched the bag full of innocuous-looking fluid drip into your veins. About when she called you a few days before her death. I saw you struggle to pass along your own memories. You and mom took a helicopter back to the mainland ahead of the rest of us, and she rushed you to the infusion center for IV fluids. Closing the door to the room so each of us could say what we wanted to say.

Usually those words were followed by “Just checking in.” But this time? “I have lung cancer.” Knowing you, telling your children this news was likely the hardest part of this whole nightmare. All I could choke out was “Oh, Daddy.” Then you told me you had had some scans. I told Mom to stop, jumped out of the car and ran back to you. A few months later, my house in North Carolina was empty. Sighing with relief that you didn’t have brain mets. The hospital initially said no such programs existed. I’m so sorry I wasn’t here.” A chorus of choking and weeping. We unpacked and repacked and headed to Catalina to meet our friends and family. Riding beside you as I nursed an injured knee, I relished those private moments. Someone who knew what questions to ask and where to find the answers. Mom and Thom and Kayley had fallen asleep in your room. How do Travel Nurses maintain health insurance if working with multiple companies? Ask a Travel Nurse Answer: Health […] If you chose to become (or are considering becoming) a Travel Nurse, then you are most likely an adventurous person who likes to see and do new things.Do companies require a certain amount of completed or signed contracts to get insurance? But even the most ardent Travelers can still use a little inspiration every now and then.

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