Symantec endpoint protection client not updating automatically

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Before you begin to create automatic deployment rules, make sure that you have configured Configuration Manager software updates.

For more information, see Software Updates in Configuration Manager.

It seems that machines can only receive one maintenance window and they can't be set for each individual collection that a deployment is targeted at as I expected.

Selecting the right managed security services platform to grow your business can be a huge undertaking.

This is automatically be done with the Cumulative Update 3 for SCCM: Watch Guard is currently running a beta program for our new mac OS Host Sensor for our Threat Detection and Response service.

We're looking for more mac OS users to help provide insight and feedback to help us make the product even better. S In my case there were a lot of Bad Mifs which exceeded the size limit, after i removed them, one of my Clients just started downloading some definitions....don't know if this depends from each other..maybe you got similar Problems.

To accomplish this task, you can configure automatic approval for revisions and automatic declining of expired updates.

For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 938947.

The information in this topic can help you to select and configure these methods.

You can configure clients to download definition updates from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center.

This option is used by Endpoint Protection clients to download definition updates if they have not been able to download updates from another source.

If you use WSUS to keep your antimalware definitions up to date, you can configure it to auto-approve definition updates.

Although using Configuration Manager software updates is the recommended method to keep definitions up to date, you can also configure WSUS as a method to allow users to manually initiate definition updated.

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