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Any popular artist should do — Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, John Legend — but timing is important.The song should be fresh, but with enough mainstream appeal that large numbers of people will be looking for it.Sometimes there will be no voice at all — just a jaunty karaoke instrumental that sounds like a tooth whitening commercial.Other times, there is a voice, but it’s unfamiliar and lacking that Swiftian shine. If you look through Spotify's community forums, you'll see a lot of users complaining about these tracks.

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"Led Zeppelin" is the only search that might accidentally lead you to Lez Zeppelin."The biggest problem with Spotify is those cover songs." "Many of these are much worse than the originals, or at least not the same." "Too many cover bands." Spotify will probably never do anything about these complaints, in part because it rarely interacts with artists directly, and the dynamics of the platform make covering other artists extremely attractive.Spotify and, to a lesser degree, other streaming platforms have paved the way for hundreds of musicians to make businesses out of covering popular songs.Others are singer-songwriters who tried to hack it as original solo artists only to find out that it’s way easier to make a living reimagining songs people already know.No matter what they hope to gain, they’ve found a niche in large streaming platforms, capitalizing on the intersection of huge audiences, broad search algorithms, and limited distribution deals that can leave fans searching in vain for high wattage stars. In the late 1960s, when a poorly aging Elvis Presley began performing live again following an eight-year hiatus, he began to incorporate Beatles covers into his shows in an attempt to attract a wider (read: younger) audience.

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