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To facilitate the nesting of child objects when a Data Set is synchronized with an Xml Data Document or written as XML data using Write Xml, the Data Relation exposes a Nested property. Sql Data Adapter customer Adapter = new Sql Data Adapter( "SELECT Customer ID, Company Name FROM Customers", connection); Sql Data Adapter order Adapter = new Sql Data Adapter( "SELECT Order ID, Customer ID, Order Date FROM Orders", connection); connection.

Setting the Nested property of a Data Relation to true causes the child rows of the relation to be nested within the parent column when written as XML data or synchronized with an Xml Data Document. Open(); Data Set data Set = new Data Set("Customer Orders"); customer Adapter.

Note that the Customers element and the Orders elements are shown as sibling elements.

Transforming the XML representation of a Data Set that contains related Data Sets with non-nested data relations can cause slow performance. The following code example shows the result from calling Write Xml on the Data Set.

In a relational representation of data, individual tables contain rows that are related to one another using a column or set of columns. NET Data Set, the relationship between tables is implemented using a Data Relation. For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.

When you create a Data Relation, the parent-child relationships of the columns are managed only through the relation. In the hierarchical representation of data that XML provides, the parent-child relationships are represented by parent elements that contain nested child elements. Columns("Customer ID")) // Assumes connection is a valid Sql Connection.

ROW(g.f1, g.f2), ROW(g.f1, g.f2) = ANY(path) FROM graph g, search_graph sg WHERE = AND NOT cycle ) SELECT * FROM search_graph; query as are actually fetched by the parent query.

Using this trick in production is not recommended, because other systems might work differently.

At present, any table used as the target of a data-modifying statement in If you see anything in the documentation that is not correct, does not match your experience with the particular feature or requires further clarification, please use this form to report a documentation issue.

Also, another caveat: the nested field syntax doesn’t guarantee identical schemas between documents that it returns.

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