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The tragedy sent Rodriguez into a personal tailspin. I think he would be.”Nobody’s yet talking about the future of Fast & Furious.Prone to big bursts of laughter through most of our conversation, she fell silent as talk turned to Walker.“We were just blindsided,” she said, wiping at tears. Rodriguez has been writing from the start of her career, but hasn’t been able to finish a script.

She credits Diesel for fighting to keep the core Fast & Furious family together onscreen.

“My brother was just happy that I had a life outside of the ghetto.

He was just happy I wasn’t in jail.” Raised a Jehovah’s Witness, the religion didn’t stick, but the mindset did.

“To love somebody like that, and to be introduced to this game with somebody so genuine, who really lives it… That motherfucker was always complaining about blue screen or any time he smelled something that wasn’t real, because he loved that world. After a tumultuous few years, crafting her own projects and finally stepping out of her comfort zone is a priority.“It’s been 14 years since I’ve been the lead in a movie, since I’ve carried a movie on my own,” she said.

If he was going to shoot a gun in a movie, he learned how to be a sniper. “I’ve just been so shocked by life in the last two years. I’ve kind of made myself a carcass of safety and I’ve protected myself against playing the ‘girlfriend’ or ‘the girl who gets raped and THEN gets empowered,’ ‘the girl who gets empowered and then dies’…

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