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Even in its press release for the show, Logo the show as a search to "commit to an exclusive relationship."It's remarkably heteronormative.In 2016, the most visible gay network is hosting a show that champions monogamy above all else. But to hold that up as the highest possible standard — the goal, and the only goal — risks telling younger viewers there is only one kind of relationship.focus on seeking one true love and making it even more saccharine.Logo is branding this search with the image of a white knight in shining armor come to rescue the men.Yup, the same Lance Bass who came out six years later. magazine that she found out Bass was gay years before he came out publicly, but that she had no idea of his true orientation while they were dating.And though the actress has talked about it openly in the past, we find this photo of the couple getting ready for prom a delightful, throwback gem. "I was really happy after he was able to go public with it because I don’t think anybody should have to live their life in a way where they feel like they’re keeping a secret," she said and added that the two of them are still in touch. The former ‘N Sync singer has been happily dating Lorenzo Martone – designer Marc Jacobs’s former fiancé – for two months, a source close to the pair tells PEOPLE.“They’re dating each other regularly, really like each other and enjoy each other’s company,” the friend tells PEOPLE.

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“We are part of something so much bigger,” on man says in the trailer.This is an obvious complication with a show like this.It's so obvious, in fact, that it's already been done. TV networks were significantly less woke back then. LGBTQ viewers deserve a show that will allow for the many beautiful permutations of what their relationships, flings and instant connections can be.The premise of the show sounds very similar to The Bachelor, (a show that has only ever portrayed heterosexual relationships): 13 men will live together in one house and compete to find love with a man Logo is calling "the nation’s most eligible gay heartthrob." One contestant will be eliminated each week.As Variety points out, this is the first American reality dating show featuring an entirely gay cast.

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